An ingenious app to force the spectator selection of any picture or video on your Instagram profile

PredictNGrab it’s the most technologically advanced app to force any picture or video on your Instagram profile. Our innovative hands free forcing method is 100 percent reliable as it was developed with the professional magician in mind.

When you perform PredictNGrab there’s no sneaky moves and no hiding stuff — everything is under your full control — triggering the force is as clear as it can be and it’s all pretty much self working further on — so you can focus on your performance.

Looking for a kicker ending? Introducing photoGrab: a bonus feature that allows you to cleanly pull out your prediction (printed on paper) from your device. Hand out an amazing souvenir that your spectators won’t forget.

PredictNGrab is fully customisable: upload your force picture directly from your device’s camera roll (later injected on your profile) or choose it to be one of your own existing Instagram media.

PredictNGrab works both on iPhone and Android devices. No actual app downloads are needed. Comes with video instructions, one very special access code and one courtesy photoGrab pack.

Go show off, connect and get followers.
Perform cutting edge impromptu social media magic.

PredictNGrab is not sponsored or endorsed by Instagram.

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No Instagram login required

Force any picture or video

3 routines explained

PhotoGrab bonus feature

Video instructions

Perform impromptu and offline

Fully customisable

Free updates

Works on iPhone and Android

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This is Artur

Artur Santos is the author and developer of Predict n' Grab. He's a working magician and he's been into magic since his early years.

Aside from his work as a magician, Artur lectures magic to children and provides consulting services for his corporate clients.

On the past few years Artur has worked closely with João Miranda Magic in Portugal on the design and development of new illusions for the magic industry.